Data Security

Managed Secure Data Designed to Support Business Continuity

We can customize which files are backed up, monitor backup progress and access the backed up data where we can review backup versions, as well as restore files.

Secure Data Backup provides benefits for your business:

  • Smart Delta Backups which reduces backup time and minimizes memory footprint on your system
  • Centrally Managed Full Configuration means consistent and reliable backup of your devices
  • Fast and Easy File Restore for Lost or Corrupted Data
  • Stay ahead of the looming threats of Ransomware attacks or other viruses

Managing business files is one of the most important and complex IT challenges for
companies of all sizes around the world. Businesses are creating and saving critical files
in immensely large quantities and all signs indicate the volume of files will continue to
increase at a rapid pace. These files represent businesses most valued assets and so it
must be backed up in real-time, protected and easily accessed at all times.

The main challenge for business users is that without access to a simple, automated
and fully monitored business grade backup solution, too many end-users do not backup
their devices, or they back them up partially or inconsistently, or worse, back them up to a
consumer grade backup service or get hit with a ransomware attack! The result is too often
an unreliable, partial or non-existent backup of business devices containing mission-critical
files. This makes the probability of losing critical business files and decreasing productivity
a real possibility.